Dee wrapper generator for C++

This is a temporary and ugly website. My main purpose is to make available my wrapper generator and obtain some feedback.

DeeWraptor is a set of Python scripts to generate a wrapper arround C++ libraries for the Digital Mars D programming language. It uses gccxml to retrieve an xml analysis tree and generate wrapping code. So far, I've managed to port a reduced set of the fltk library with it. Actually, I coded it especially to be able to port this library.


DeeWraptor requires : I've developped DeeWraptor with both dmd and gdc ( with cygwin ) on Windows: I'm pretty sure it will also work on Linux.


    python [options] <c/c++ header>
    with options in :
        o  -h, --help        : print this help message.
        o  -I, --includes    : include path.
        o  -c, --only-c      : only generate C code.
        o  -g, --gccxml      : path to gccxml.
        o  -d, --export-d    : export for Digital Mars D.
        o  -e, --only-d      : export only the D declarations and no C code.
        o  -f, --file-list   : file containing one file name per line, each to be analyse ; using '#' as comment.
        o  -p, --output-file : merge all the outputs to single files: one *.cpp file, one *.d file.

    The C handled is the one g++ can understand.


You can download it directly __here__


remy dot moueza at free dot fr